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movie night on carnival cruise shipsAfter a day of fun in the sun, sometimes the best way to wind down is with a family-friendly movie night under the stars.

At least once on each cruise I’ve been on, we’ve grabbed a few deck chairs and enjoyed a movie on the big screen near the rear of the ship, perhaps with a drink or three and a box of popcorn (which is irresistible once you smell the fresh stuff popping along merrily).

It’s funny how this all works, because the movie doesn’t even have to be that good. In fact, one of the best times we’ve had on our family cruises has been laughing at the absurdity of Kong: Skull Island, for example.

All you Kong: Skull Island fans have my sincere apologies.

Movie nights can be found in the daily newsletter you receive in your cabin each evening. Depending on other activities, there may be 1 or 2 features scheduled for a particular night, so take a look and plan ahead (in other words, tell the kids to save room for ice cream). Depending on the popularity of the movie, you may need to get there early in order to get the seating you’ll need, although later films typically are less crowded.

Movie Night = Family Night

Every family cruise vacation will have its moments of high adventure, along with those quieter times when you simply appreciate being together. While it may not get as much attention as the giant water slide or grand theater, Movie Night has always been an underrated part of our family cruise experience.

Now think about your own family vacation experiences; which quiet moments do you appreciate the most? Let us know in the comments below, or share your experience by reaching out through our Contact page, or on Twitter @FamilyCrzGuide!

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